We deliver highly developed solutions to equipment suppliers for future needs. By utilising our partner networks, we can offer high-tech products flexibly and at competitive prices.

Multimek offers its customers equipment manufacture as total deliveries, mechanical engineering as contracted, and productisation of prototypes into high-tech industrial products.

Through our global network of partners, we can obtain components, materials and automation expertise. The production methods and locations are planned carefully for each project.

The security of supply of contract manufacturers is extremely critical in heavy engineering industry. Multimek’s decentralised production in three locations ensures that machines and equipment can be completed even in force majeure situations.

Contract manufacturing

Multimek is known for sustainably produced, reliable and high-quality deliveries of mechanical engineering products and equipment. We manufacture equipment in various sizes under contract for a range of industries.

Thanks to our international partner network we can offer solutions, making cost-effective use of the best available expertise. Our long-term contract manufacturing customers want to buy the solutions they need from us, because we deliver them flexibly, accurately and at a competitive price.

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Productisation means that the customer’s original idea is refined with the Multimek professionals’ expertise from prototype into a finished product, ready for mass production. We design, together with the customer, what kind of an end product will serve the user best and how the product should be manufactured.

Prototype development makes use of the best know-how and expertise of our group’s experts. Each productised solution is different, with the production methods and manufacturing locations chosen case by case.

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Highly refined solutions.

Most of our deliveries are total solutions, making use of our group’s top expertise in the entire delivery chain, from product development to manufacture.

Total deliveries of various scale.

Efficient and controlled processes under the lean principle ensure that we can deliver orders, small or large, to a high standard and accurately.

From prototype to finished product ready for mass production

Our long experience in productisation helps us refine our customers’ ideas into products that can be manufactured smartly and at sensible cost.

A quality product is created only by using the best expertise

Multimek offers equipment suppliers comprehensive product manufacture with a quality guarantee. Our customers can rely on our deliveries – also with very challenging sets of equipment.

Our group has a certified ISO-9001 standard quality system in place, and a key component of our quality assurance consists of continuous development of both the staff and our processes. The best technologies, automation and robotics used in production ensures that production is efficient and the end products are flawless. To our customers, Multimek stands for excellent quality they can rely on consistently.

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