Metso Outotec

Metso Outotec maintains industry leadership aided by Multimek’s product development cooperation and manufacturing expertise

The cooperation between Multimek and Metso Outotec is based on trust and listening. Serving a global pioneer requires constant adaptation and understanding of both product development and the latest technological solutions.

“Multimek is one of our key supplier, meeting our business growth challenges and growing itself in the process,” says Jarkko Sutinen, Vice President, Procurement at Metso Outotec.

“Multimek has been listening to our suggestions and needs and have been able to adapt both in terms of the technology and their business to give us what we need,” says Sutinen.

Multimek has been working with Metso Outotec and its predecessors since 1994. We not only deliver them several engine modules on a weekly basis, but annually deliver about a thousand belt conveyors and various tanks and crawler-mounted chassis. In addition, we are a key partner to Metso Outotec in terms of productisation.

We make zero series, that is, production prototypes, for Metso Outotec. By studying them together with designers, we can develop both the product materials and their manufacturing processes. The operating model also includes the design of 3D models of the products and supporting the company in getting the products on the market.

“Making prototypes and the common product development is at the core of our cooperation,” says Sutinen.

“Multimek is a key subcontractor in product development projects: they have the technical expertise and genuinely listen to the customer.

Versatile machine base and skilled users

Jarkko Sutinen praises Multimek especially for their fluent cooperation and reliability. Whenever there’s no ready solution for Metso Outotec’s new production need, they have first admitted that it’s missing, and then they’ve developed one.

“We’re in it together when it comes to business challenges, which is fine when you can trust your supplier. Multimek has consulted us on how they should develop their operations so that it will be mutually beneficial, which has obviously been excellent for us,” says Sutinen.

“They may have say something like ‘what if we did this sort of thing?’”

Sutinen is also happy that Multimek has a machine base that serves Metso Outotec’s material needs, ranging from the pre-treatment and stamping of sheets to cutting and welding.

“Multimek’s employees are extremely skilled and know exactly how to use their machinery. Some of our products requiring welding that can be extremely demanding and the assembly can involve a wide scale of manufacturing steps. They are also experts in the manufacture of steel structures and component logistics management,” adds Sutinen.

From a technical viewpoint, Multimek is Metso Outotec’s key supplier in terms of steel structures, modules and components that are used is conveyors, feeders, the frame structures of mobile crushers, and in various assemblies containing various components and steel structures.

“Multimek is a versatile company that is open to customers’ ideas. If something cannot be done, they’ll find out how it can be,” says Sutinen.

“Cooperation continues and gets deeper when you know that the other party will always stand behind their words.”

Metso Outotec

  • Finnish listed company created in 2020 when Outotec and Metso Minerals merged.
  • A global pioneer in minerals refinement, aggregate processing and metal processing and recycling, offering technologies that promote sustainable development and total solutions.
  • More than 15,000 employees, with sales of around EUR 3.9 billion in 2020.
  • Operations in more than 50 countries.