Multimek is a cluster of experts and professionals that has a strong appeal. We are recruiting new people all the time. Why don’t you join us as well to create tomorrow’s solutions with us.

Multimek is a stable and fair employer where people enjoy their work and enjoy long careers.

Good employees are worth more than their weight in gold to us. We want to show our appreciation by offering competitive pay and good benefits.

The professional development of our staff is a daily routine, ensuring that our employees remain happy and stay at the top of their profession.

Multimek as an employer

Multimek is an internationally operating heavy engineering industry group, employing more than 200 professionals at the moment. People tend to stay with us for a long time, because we can offer them meaningful work with the right amount of challenge.

Multimek encourages its employees to continuously develop themselves professionally. Competence surveys and training plans boost the employees’ varied skills, and ensure high-quality production.

Our current growth target requires that we recruit dozens of new employees in our teams. We have a good reputation as an employer, because we have managed to create an environment and a community in which value and encourage hard-working employees.

Our values

Throughout Multimek’s history, it’s been important to us that all we do is based on respect and sustainability. We operate in an international environment and every customer and member of our staff are equally important.

To us, sustainability also means that we do the right things in terms of the environment, wellbeing and justice. The future is built today, which means we cannot make short-sighted and unsustainable decisions.

We have paid particular attention to making our processes more and more environmentally friendly. Practice has shown that both our staff and our stakeholders can stand united behind our company’s values.

Career at Multimek – Matti Vesterlin

“I’m Matti Vesterlin, and I work as a CNC machinist at Multimek. I’m currently learning to use the new Mori NHX 8000 horizontal machining centre. I joined Multimek in 2018 following a six-month recruitment training. I had completed my machinist qualifications and during the recruitment training I updated my skills. And then there was an opening at the Multimek machining department. I have a broad job description, involving programming, job planning, and use of CNC machinery. Small batches of products and a large selection of products ensure that my work is interesting and varied! My more experienced colleagues can also give me valuable advice if necessary.”

Career at Multimek – Ville Nurminen

“I’m Ville Nurminen from Jyväskylä, and I work as a production designer at Multimek Oy. I started a Multimek in 2018 after I had finished my engineering studies. Previously I had mainly been working in logistics. My current job description includes a variety of product design tasks, such as resourcing, making timetables, workflow planning and communicating with customers. The wide range of products and challenging products make my work interesting, and fortunately I have an excellent team to find the answers. The youthful work community pulls together, which helps to get through our challenges.”

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