Our small Finnish family business has grown into a trusted partner for international equipment suppliers, but we still hold on to our original sustainable values, humbly and with integrity.

We run our operations so that future generations will also be able to enjoy clean nature, wellbeing and a good life.

People, environment and sustainability – these three make up the foundation Multimek has been built on. And this is the foundation on which we will grow also in the future.

We strive for nothing less than the highest quality. Certified quality systems and precise quality assurance ensures that every solution we provide is of prime quality.

From a family business to a global cluster of experts

Multimek’s story began in 1951 in Multia, central Finland, when Veikko Hokkanen started a company called Multian Auto ja Kone Ky. The company made machinery and equipment, mainly for agricultural purposes. We have always focused on the manufacture of high-quality engineering products, from the design to the completed product.s

Following years of hard work, Multimek’s capital of expertise increase, and the introduction of new production methods enables us to offer a greater variety of products, and increase our production capacity. The company changed its name in 1992 to Multimek Oy, and still operates from Multia in Finland.

We have been working with our international partners for so long that our products are available around the world. This ensures a reasonable price level to our customers in various materials, from parts to components.

Since 2012, we have also been operating from Estonia. Our plant is located in the municipality of Kehra, south of Tallinn. At the moment, the Kehra plant employs about 145 professionals.

Today our group provides sustainably run production in two countries, innovative product development teams of top professionals, and a global expert and procurement network.

Why have so many equipment suppliers chosen Multimek?

  • High quality of delivered solutions
  • Security of supply
  • Cost-effective production
  • Easy total delivery of equipment and solutions
  • Procurement management and efficient use of global partner network
  • Excellent logistics – if necessary, we act as a hub through which completed products can be distributed to end customers. This is supported by our operation in two locations, Finland and Estonia.
Innovation creates excellence.

A product’s journey from idea to prototype and a completed product ready for mass production requires skilful team work. Assisted by our partner network, we can offer all of this, to go from idea to mass production.

Growth is possible only through sustainable means.

It is important to us that we stand behind our choices and create value to our customers under the principles of sustainability – respecting people and the environment.

Global network driving local manufacture.

We utilise our international partner network in procurement, manufacture and logistics. We pick the most suitable suppliers and technologies for each delivery.

Trust must be earned every day

We have been working tremendously hard at Multimek for decades to reach where we are today. Operating sustainably and keeping our promises has resulted in long customer relationships and long careers in our company.

The trust of our customers, partner networks and employees requires concrete action and sustainable choices every day – and this is something we have definitely been successful in.

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