Tomorrow’s sustainable solutions are created today

Multimek Oy is a major contract manufacturer in machinery manufacture, supplying high-quality and competitive machinery and systems to many international equipment suppliers.

We utilise our global networks in our resource-wise production

Our group’s vast experience, more than 200 professionals, modern production methods, a global supplier network and excellent production capacity enable us to offer cost-efficient total solutions.

Careers at Multimek

Multimek is a cluster of experts and professionals in which everyone can do what they are best at. We encourage you to learn and will listen to what you have to say. Our staff consists of highly motivated professionals. We are growing internationally and are considered an attractive employer.

Sustainable service chain

To Multimek, sustainability means concrete actions. Actions that build a better future while also creating value-adding solutions to our customers.

As we continuously develop our service chain, we take into account the global goals for lower emissions. We can implement the principles of sustainable development regarding procurement, production and logistics with flying colours. Our production incorporates a high recycling rate, and we will start using solar energy in our production plants in a few years’ time.

Multimek is a responsible employer. It is important to us that the working conditions in our production plants are immaculate and that our staff has an opportunity for continuous professional development. We ensure that social responsibility and equality is a reality.

We are committed to the sustainability requirements of large international suppliers. We also ensure that our subcontractors and suppliers follow the international regulations.



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Reliable contract manufacturing and innovative prototyping creation

Multimek is known as a reliable equipment manufacturer and mechanical engineering company that is a long-term contract manufacturer for a number of major equipment manufacturers. We supply machines, equipment and modules in cost-effective total solutions for large or small needs.

Our long experience in heavy machinery manufacturing processes enables us to offer prototype manufacture and productisation related to mass production. With synergy in our network of professionals, we can built processes and products, starting from our customer’s idea right down to cost-efficient mass production.

From complex sets of equipment to individual machines

Multimek’s competitive edge derives from processes fine-tuned to perfection in the comprehensive manufacturing process. Equipment suppliers can rely on our deliveries also with very complex sets of equipment.

Our solutions are tailored entirely on the customer’s wishes, and we can scale the production as necessary. We supply deliveries of various scales – from large deliveries consisting of multiple parts to small-scale mass production.

Group’s turnover
Number of employees
Products in manufacturing

Agile processes creating more competitive solutions

High-quality deliveries require contract manufacturers to have excellent process management. Multimek’s processes are agile and that’s why we can also deliver larger, complex deliveries. When the entire process is controlled by us, we can create the solutions cost-effectively.